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Clinical Applications

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The Acorn Clinical Case Management System is a flexible and highly configurable solution, designed for use by therapeutic service providers, and suitable for many different types of mental health and talking therapy services. Our aim is to provide you with a system that is customised and configured specifically for your needs, not just a generic case management solution that is supposed to be all things to all people. You get just the features and functionality you need to provide the best service to your clients and to meet your NHS reporting requirements fully and with ease.

Acorn for Families and Children

Acorn can easily be configured to meet the needs of whatever therapeutic services you currently provide – or plan to provide in the future. Acorn can bring accessibility, reporting and governance benefits for clinicians and administrators when providing clinical service to children, young people and their families.


Acorn collects and processes the particular data sets associated with providing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), and generates your submission package at the click of a button.


Acorn can easily be configured to support the types of therapeutic interventions that providers of Adoption Support Services are commissioned by Local Authorities to provide.


Acorn makes it easy to store and link data about children, their therapy and their parents or carers. Acorn comes with the standard reporting outputs expected of CAMHS and Adoption Support Services pre-populated.

Acorn for IAPT & Adult Therapy Services

NHS Commissioned talking therapy services and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services in particular, depend heavily upon correctly formatted data. Acorn helps make running and reporting on these services easy.

IAPT Pathways & Case Flows

Acorn provides an easy-to-use system for clinicians and administrators; allowing them to record clinical notes, manage diaries and process cases in line with the established IAPT pathways.

Managers have real-time visibility of service performance and this clarity permits waiting times to be managed and clinical outcomes to be optimised.

IAPT LTC Programme

Acorn is configured to support services working with patients with Long Term Physical Health Conditions (LTC's), with the full range of conditions specified in the latest version IAPT dataset included.

Acorn's flexible reporting allows visibility of service access and clinical outcomes by any defined demographic or user group.

IAPT Dataset Version 2.1

Acorn is implemented with all standard IAPT questionnaires and reporting metrics pre populated, making it easy for services to meet local and national reporting obligations.

The system gives access to clear performance information and reporting data, at the level of the whole team and the individual therapist.