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What's Included & What's Not

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The Acorn Clinical Case Management System has been developed to meet the needs of many different types of service providers, many of whom will share the same common core of requirements. Some clients will have much more complex requirements however, and although it’s possible to build these into the Acorn system, it’s more appropriate to offer them as extras.

Acorn will be configured to deliver all the features you need and none of the features you don’t, resulting in a system that is totally aligned to the way you work and the services you provide.

Features & Functions Included

Acorn includes all the following features and functions as standard

Multiple Services

Acorn has been designed so it can scale with you. It supports service providers who are managing one, two or even dozens of services.

IAPT & MHSDS Submissions

The system is fully compatible with IAPT 2.1 and MHSDS 5.0 submissions, including SNOMED codes. Easily export your submissions to CSV files.

Calendar Management

Each practitioner, venue and room gets its own interactive, colour-coded calendar for managing availability and booking client appointments.

Waiting Lists

Add service users to Waiting Lists automatically


Acorn supports both standard NHS data set questionnaires, (e.g. IAPT or MHSDS) and custom questionnaires to collect additional clinical data.


Acorn provides many different automated notifications to users, based on the current state of records a user is responsible for or interested in.

Client Surveys

Your Customisation

Workflow Automation

Map any process, whether that be back-office or clinical, into the system. For example the onboarding of a new client, or the case creation process flow.

Duplicate Checking

Monitor for, and prevent the creation of duplicate records and ensure that clients only have a single patient record in the system at any time.

Extra Features & Functions

The following are available for an extra fee, calculated on a case-by-case basis

Third-party Integration

You can integrate Acorn with any number of external systems. Once you have identified the ones you need, we can provide the associated cost.

SMS Communications

Trigger SMS messages from various system actions. Messages can be personalised using information from the system, e.g. appointment time

Digital Engagement

Integrate Acorn with multiple digital channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, personal live chat and AI powered chatbots

Video Appointments

Schedule, manage and initiate video calls direct from the Client record, using a system of your choice.

Online Questionnaires

Send questionnaires directly to the client, to complete online, and have the submission added straight to the client record.

Digital Forms

Send other types of digital forms directly to the client, to complete online, and have the submission added straight to the client record.

Email Encryption

Encrypt the content of all emails sent from Acorn, including sender name and address, recipient(s) address and subject line.

Custom Waiting Lists

You get date-based Waiting Lists by default in Acorn, but you can add Custom Waiting Lists, based on your own specific criteria.