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Acorn's Key Features

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The Acorn Clinical Case Management System has been developed to meet the challenging needs of psychological therapy service providers. It is a highly customisable, web-based solution that can support a wide range of mental health services, safely and securely.

Acorn will be configured to deliver all the features you need and none of the features you don’t, resulting in a system that is totally aligned to the way you work and the services you provide.

Features for Service Managers

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Data Submissions

Acorn makes reporting and data submissions as simple as possible. The system is fully compatible with IAPT 2.1 and MHSDS 5.0 submissions, including SNOMED codes.
Acorn provides multiple clinical field sets that can be added to different patient records, allowing practitioners to enter all the KPIs relevant to each of the national datasets associated with therapy services.

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Multiple Services

Acorn has been designed so it can scale with you. It supports service providers who are managing one, two or even dozens of services.
Should you need to, Acorn has the ability to segregate data residing in different services, or even different businesses. You can easily prevent users working in one service from seeing the patient data in another service.

You can also restrict access to specific Acorn functionality based on the role the user performs within the system. For example prevent a scheduler from running reports or exporting data.

Centralised Calendar

Acorn provides an interactive, colour-coded calendar component for managing client appointments, practitioner diaries and room and venue availability.
When booking a client appointment, service managers can quickly identify which practitioners are available, based on the clinical specialism needed. An appropriate room within a specific venue can also be selected and all the information added to both the venue calendar and the practitioner's personal calendar, with a single mouse click.


Acorn supports your specific needs, not those of a generic mental health service provider. You get a system that delivers the features and functionality you need to support your clients.
You can add as many custom fields as you like, and you can change the field labels of any standard fields you decide to keep. You can change the layout of each record page to suit your own workflows or to match existing interfaces, thereby reducing barriers to change. You can add your own colour coding or custom icons to many aspects of the system, helping to identify risks, or flag up important records.

Data Validation

With Acorn you can easily apply rules and validation to ensure data being entered into the system is accurate and complete, thereby eliminating half-filled patient records.
You can apply validation rules to processes to ensure the right data is recorded at each stage of the process and records cannot be saved until the appropriate data has been recorded.

Selected data fields can be made mandatory to ensure an absolute minimum amount of information is collected when a record is created.

Duplicate Checking

Acorn will monitor for, and prevent the creation of duplicate records and ensure that clients only have a single patient record in the system at any time.
Acorn monitors the creation of new records in the system, in real time and will notify a user that they are trying to enter a duplicate record.

Different levels of enforcement can be applied, for example warn the user and let them create the duplicate, or actively prevent the duplicate record from being saved, the choice is yours.

Process Flows

Acorn allows you to map any process, whether that be back-office or clinical, into the system. For example the onboarding of a new client, or the case creation process flow.
Acorn supports multiple processes as well as different flows within the same process. For example you can map different processes for the creation of a group therapy case and for an individual therapy.

Process flows can be represented visually and they can be supplemented with guidance notes to help users progress through the stages of the process.

Email Marketing

Acorn includes a dedicated email marketing component. As well as being able to send individual emails, the system can send bulk emails to a selected list of recipients.
Emails can be formatted in advance, using email templates, which can be shared amongst users of the system, based on their content or applicability to the role of the user.

Acorn is fully GDPR compliant and you can opt clients out of marketing emails if they wish, while still being able to send them important care-related communications.

Data Export & Backup​

Acorn allows you to export all your data at any time, and this process can be automated to occur on a regular basis if desired. You can then store the backups as required.
Acorn is built on the Salesforce Force.com platform, which employs failover technologies within datacentres and at the datacentre level as well. This means that system downtime is extremely rare and data loss is almost unheard of.

However, your data is available to extract from the system at any time, through one or two mouse clicks, allowing you to transfer it to another system should you desire.

Reporting Suite

Acorn includes a comprehensive reporting suite. The simple to use, drag and drop report builder will enable you to generate the reports and charts needed to understand your data.
Acorn's reporting suite includes both reports and dashboards, giving you unprecedented access to data stored in the system.

You can examine your data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and share the resulting insights with others, or export it into XLSX or CSV files.
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3rd Party Integration

Acorn is built on a platform designed for integrating with external systems. The Open API model allows Acorn to connect to a host of third party systems.
The Force.com platform enables Acorn to integrate at multiple levels, including API integration, data integration, service process integration, and user interface integration.

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Acorn is backed by an all-inclusive support package, for the life of the system. Assistance directly from the developers is never more than an email or phone call away.
There are no extra costs and no need to negotiate separate agreements for the on-going support of the Acorn system. You have access to our dedicated, UK-based team of support technicians for as long as you continue to use the system.

Features for Clinicians & Practitioners

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Mobile Friendly

Acorn is just as at home on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, whether they be Apple, Android or Windows devices. Access the system from anywhere, anytime.
Users can access Acorn from any modern Apple or Android mobile device, using a dedicated mobile app which can be downloaded from the appropriate app store.

The app integrates with mobile device functions such as email and phone, allowing you to click a phone number in a patient record for example, and dial directly.

Personal Calendars

Acorn provides each practitioner with their own personal calendar. Simply tap or drag across the desired appointment time to create a new entry and quickly add details.
Different types of appointments can be given different colour codes to make them easily identifiable in the calendar.

Certain data fields can be made mandatory when creating a new appointment, ensuring new calendar entries have the correct information in them.

Practitioners can easily allocate time blocks when they are unavailable for work.

360° Patient Record

Acorn displays all the data associated with a client, in a single patient record screen, including all related information such as appointments and episodes of care.
Acorn is built on a relational database, meaning that all records associated with a patient can be viewed in a single screen.

This makes record keeping more intuitive and case administration becomes simpler. At the same time it makes related records such as appointments, episodes of care, risks and questionnaires easier to access and provides a quick overview of a patient care history.

Client Care Pathway

Acorn provides complete, end-to-end care pathway management. From initial referral right through to discharge, Acorn will provide the environment you need for your service.
Acorn allows you to build custom care pathways and apply them to patients as appropriate, depending on the type of therapy they are receiving. If required, you can add notifications, alerts and colour coding to each stage, allowing practitioners to be proactive and never miss an important update or change in status.

Notes & Attachments

Whether adding clinical text-based notes to a care record, or attaching digital documents like Word or PDFs, Acorn provides the facility to link important information to patients.
Users can add multiple text-based notes to any record within the Acorn system. These are displayed in chronological order and only visible to users with the appropriate rights. Notes are indexed and searchable from the global search facility.

Electronic documents of any type can be attached to a record and the most common types are also indexed, allowing their contents to appear in search results.

Postcode Lookup

Acorn provides native postcode lookup when entering addresses in the system. There is no requirement to subscribe to or integrate with external postcode lookup providers.
Although integration with postcode lookup providers such as Loqate or Hopewiser is relatively simple, Acorn provides native postcode lookup from within address fields in the system.

Users will save time and data accuracy will improve when adding or updating address information.


Acorn supports both standard NHS data set questionnaires, such as IAPT or MHSDS and also custom questionnaires where you may want to collect additional clinical data.
Acorn allows you to create different questionnaires and apply them to specific services or care pathways, depending on your requirements and use cases.

Questionnaires are linked directly to the patient's episode of care record and can quickly be created, completed and attached to the record at the end of a session


Acorn provides automated notifications to users of the system and these can be based on the current state of records a user is responsible for or interested in.
Acorn includes a configurable notification management component that can be used to alert practitioners to changes in the system. Whether that's flagging an increased risk level on a record, updating them on a change in status of a patient, such as referral or discharge or identifying repeated NDAs, the system will keep users updated.

Text Messages

Acorn can be configured to work with a number of different text message service providers, allowing you to send appointment setup messages and reminders to clients.
Although many service providers do not wish to send SMS text messages to clients, Acorn is capable of supporting this if you wish. The functionality is typically provided by a third party organisation, which is then integrated into Acorn.

You decide what triggers the message and what message to send, keeping patients updated and potentially reducing NDAs.