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Data Submissions & Reporting

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The Acorn Clinical Case Management System is specifically designed to assist your data submission commitments. At the single click of a button, your data package for IAPT or MHSDS is generated – all you need to do is upload it.

We know that a case management system is only truly useful when you can easily visualise the data it contains. Acorn includes a comprehensive, yet easy to use reporting component, complete with a drag and drop report and dashboard builder, allowing you to create informative and inciteful reports in moments.

Data Submissions

Any therapeutic services provider carrying out NHS funded activities will be aware of how onerous the data provision requirements can be. The task becomes even more time-consuming if your clinical case management systems are not quite aligned to the requirements set out by the various data standards.

Acorn has been designed from the ground up with the goal of making data submissions as simple as possible. Data records associated with the provision of care include all the fields needed to meet the related data set. Where appropriate, pick-list fields include the required SNOMED codes, easing the data entry burden for users while at the same ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

IAPT v2.1

The Acorn system has been designed to work with the latest IAPT v2.1 data set and meets the data scope requirements identified in the DAPB1520 standard.

MHSDS v5.0

Acorn Case Management fully supports your submission of the latest MHSDS v5.0 data set and meets the data scope requirements identified in the DCB011 standard.


The Acorn system includes a dedicated reporting component that enables users to quickly and easily generate reports from the data held in the system. Reports can be combined and consolidated in graphical dashboards, allowing you to visually represent rellated data and share it with users, service managers and any other stakeholders.

The Acorn drag and drop report builder makes processing and organising the demographic and clinical data associated with psychological therapy services, simple and convenient. This allows service managers and senior stakeholders, responsible for the overall performance of talking therapy services, to benefit from clear and concise management information. Meanwhile, dashboards allow the grouping of related data sets to display the service metrics needed to manage the services they provide.

Reporting Key Features

For Users

Report on all patient data recorded in the system

Share reports with colleagues or keep them private

Easily export report data to Excel or CSV files

Schedule reports to be delivered to your email inbox

Add a wide range of chart types to reports

Select data using dynamic dates, e.g. LAST 30 DAYS

Use Dynamic filters, e.g. My Data, My Team's Data

For Administrators

Restrict report creation to selected Users or Roles

Restrict data export to selected Users or Roles

Create folders to manage reports and dashboards

Dozens of standard report types, or create your own

User reports show who is using the system and when

Report on record creation trends over time, per user

Example Reports

Waiting List Breakdown

Cases Arising by Period and Source

Cases Status

Questionnaire Analysis

Cases Discharged by Period and Type

DNAs by Therapy Type and Source

Example Dashboard

Reports can be combined into informative dashboards, grouping related information into a single view of the data. Below is an example Referrals dashboard, grouping the referrals by various relevant categories. In most of the dashboard panes we are using a dynamic date range called THIS MONTH, which will always reflect the data for the current month, irrespective of when the dashboard is viewed.