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Acorn Case Management

Designed for Psychological Therapy Services providers

Acorn Clinical Case Management System

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Acorn is a web-based case management system that has been developed to meet the needs of psychological therapy service providers. It provides an intuitive, simple to use and yet highly flexible and secure interface for storing all the data associated with patient care.

It enables managers and clinicians to plan, record, process and analyse data across a range of settings to ensure effective diary management and informed patient care.

Acorn has been developed in response to the spiralling number of mental health referrals received by service providers over the last few years, numbers which are likely to keep increasing for the foreseeable future.

Key Features

IAPT & MHSDS Submissions

Acorn makes reporting and data submissions as simple as possible. The system is fully compatible with IAPT 2.1 and MHSDS 5.0 submissions, including SNOMED codes.

Complete Client Care Pathway

Acorn provides complete, end-to-end care pathway management. From initial referral right through to discharge, Acorn will provide the environment you need for your service.

Calendar Management

Acorn provides an interactive, colour-coded calendar component for managing client appointments, practitioner diaries and room and venue availability.

Multiple Services

Acorn has been designed so it can scale with you. It supports service providers who are managing one, two or even dozens of services.


Acorn supports your specific needs, not those of a generic mental health service provider. We ensure the system delivers the service you need to support your clients.

Mobile Friendly

Acorn is just as at home on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, whether they be Apple, Android or Windows devices. Access the system from anywhere, anytime.

A full list of Acorn Clinical Case Management features, categorised by user type, can be found by clicking the button below.

Clinical Applications


The Acorn Case Management system fully supports the principles and standards of the NHS's Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) programme.


Acorn includes a module that is specifically designed to support your provision of mental health services to children and young people as well as their parents and carers.

Other Therapies

Acorn Case Management can easily be configured to support many other mental health and talking therapy services, so we can almost certainly support your needs.

Security & Governance

ISO Standards

The Acorn Case Management system complies with multiple ISO standards related to data centre security, information security and personal information privacy.


Acorn has been rated as Standards Exceeded on the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit, which measures performance against UK National Data Guardian's 10 standards.


Acorn complies with the requirements of the DCB0129 Clinical Risk Management system, providing evidence of the clinical safety of our Case Management system.


App Integration

Acorn can also consolidate multiple patient records into a single, central system. No more rekeying or duplication of data, you can view all patient information in one place.

Data Integration

Acorn can be used to integrate multiple data sources that may be currently used in your organisation. Integrate all your spreadsheets and databases into a single client record.

Open API

The Acorn Case Management system is built on a platform that supports many industry standard APIs, allowing for easy integration with other business critical systems.


There’s nothing quite like seeing a product in action to help you decide if it’s actually going to meet your needs. 

If you are interested to see how Acorn can support your psychological therapy service we would be delighted to arrange an online demonstration of the system, without any obligation.

During the demonstration we will show you the core features of the Acorn Case Management system and you can discuss your specific use cases, with our experienced team of consultants.

Product Roadmap

The Acorn Clinical Case Management System was developed by Sandyx in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading mental health services providers. As such, a core set of functionality is provided ‘out of the box’, that will be immediately applicable to almost any other provider of mental health services. Above and beyond this core functionality, it also ships with many other features that will be useful to most service providers.

As part of the implementation project carried out for each client, Sandyx will configure the base system to exactly meet the specific requirements of the client – essentially filling the gap between the ‘out of the box’ version of Acorn and the system the client needs to manage their service(s).

As a product, Acorn does not have a published roadmap, instead we work with each client to ensure the system evolves to meet their changing needs over the lifetime of the product. In this way each client can develop their own roadmap for the system. Together, we can then schedule these changes to be introduced into the Live system as and when they are needed by the client.

As new requirements are published by governing bodies such as the NHS, or when the same new features are repeatedly requested by clients, Sandyx will ensure that the ‘out of the box’ version of Acorn is updated to improve the base level of functionality for new clients. In addition, these updates can easily be rolled into existing clients’ customised version of the system, should they need or want them.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, or would like any more information on the Acorn Case Management system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – just complete the form below and someone will contact you.